General and Deployment Area Working Groups : To discuss generals and deployment not listed above.

(Asian Internet Interconnection Initiatives)
Concentrates on the research and development of technologies necessary for the operation of the Internet in Asia via satellite.
(School on the Internet)
This group is involved in the establishment of universities on the Internet and research into the roles of higher learning through experimentation.
NetBSD This group is involved in the support of research using NetBSD such as the sharing of NetBSD related technologies and the reporting of problems.
Deep Space One We discuss supporting software for network testbed based on actual nodes and their usage.
antispam This WG measures the deployment ratio of the domain authentication technologies.
bunken In this working group, we develop a group communication system where users can share reviews or comments on technical papers and documents.
LENS League of Engineers/researchers for Network and Software
NERDBOX Freaks A WG for NERDBOX freaks
IPTV We discuss a style of TV and the Internet, and recommend IPTV.
LifeLine Station Modeling and evaluation of information infrastructure for disaster recovery.
(Medical Crisis)
Discuss the contribution of information technology to the medical crisis in Japan and to disaster medicine.
(Advancing Quantum Architecture)
Designing and simulating quantum networks and new physical technologies.
live-with-ipv6 This WG is aimed to share problems, TIPS, current status on IPv6 only access / translation techniques among WIDE Project and other communities, for living with IPv6.
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