Concluded WorkingGroup

traceback Theme : This working group works on the deployment of practical packet / application protocol traceback.
ENUM Theme : Conducts experimental operation of ENUM and holds discussions relating to the implementation on servers and clients.
secure6 (Security of IPv6) Theme : IPv6 is mobile due to a number of nodes being connected to a network. This group discusses IPv6 security amidst such an environment.
igeoid (Internet GEOgraphical Infor-mation platform Development) Theme : This working group discusses methods for acquision, management,circulation and use of geographic location information on the Internet.
NP Theme : This working group shares TIPS on NP (Netowork Processor), and discusses anything about NP.
GLI (Geographical Location Information) Theme : The geographical location information systems (GLI System), which mainly manages vehicles and persons, this group focuses on improvement and deployment through the usual experiments.
IPsec Theme : Discusses key exchange protocol and general IP security issues including implementation, evaluation and standardization.
xcast WG Theme : Research and Development on XCAST and related multicasting technology.
v6fix WG Theme : This working group will work on fixing specification/implementation/operational problems that give IPv6 a negative impression, and thereby promote further migration to IPv6.
smtp WG Theme : Discusses topics on protocol, algorithms and other technologies related to e-mail exchange and develops e-mail distribution software such as smtpfeed (SMTP Fast Exploding External Deliverer).
Auto-ID Theme : The WG discuss about Real-Space network.
XIRD Theme : This working group is a short term, limited project, which discusses, designs and implements the technology for accessing RDB (Relational Database) using XML technologies.
roft Theme : This working group will discuss flow-based measurement.
Netnice Theme : Research and Development of operating system services for universal network control and their applications.
Yak Theme : The aim of this working group is to discuss terms for English-Japanese translation on Internet/Computing area.
DVB-RCS (RCS) Theme : This working group studies the capability and the operational issue on the Internet with DVB-RCS which provides both way satellite communication with a small erath station.
Wireless LAN Operation(wlanops) Theme : To find problems on the wireless LAN operation, to make proposals for their solutions and to develop the operating tools.
IAA Developement (IAA-DEV) Theme : We will have discussion and development of IAA system.It will enhance current version of IAA System's robustness and capability.
Global Navigation Satellite Systems (gnss) Theme : This working group discusses high accuracy positioning with GNSS and the Internet.
Streaming Theme : This working group discusses streaming technologies, especially transport protocols and operational techniques.
Authentication & Authorization (AA) Theme:This working group experiments and discusses identity management, such as access management, provisioning, policy control and auditing.
Cross-Site Scripting WG (xss) Theme:This working group discusses varies of solutions on Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability.
IPv6 Mobility (v6mob) Theme:To discuss Ipv6 protocols and their adaptation, then doing actual proof through equipment/operation.
0.1t Theme:The one's weight data from the scale is sending to the system for every day and this data is going to visualize automatically.
PGP/GPG Applications ((PG)^3A) Theme:To develop applications and distribution for PGP/GPG
Diffserv (Differentiated Service) Theme:Carrying out comprehensive Diffserv-related research and development in areas not covered by the IETF, with the aim of getting a service up and running as soon as possible.
ICARS (Internet Creating Augmented Real space) Theme:Researching an information system based on the relationship between real space and cyberspace
Lifeline Theme:Research and development for LIFELINE technologies to enable Internet to be an emergency information infrastructure, and also training and exercises for Internet Disaster Support Drill
MC (MultiCast) Theme:Research on Internet multicast architecture
RM (Reliable Multicast) Theme:Research and development of scaleable and heterogeneous reliable multicasting.
IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) Theme:Development of the IPv6 world
WISH Theme:The Design and Implementation of an Internet Environment with Communication Satellite Harmonization
IP over IEEE1394 Theme:Research and development of technology for integrating IEEE1394 with the Internet, and creation of an IEEE1394 development environment
RT-Bone Theme:Realizing a new resource reservation (RR) mechanism for IPv6
W4C (World Wide Web Cache) Theme:WWW Cache and Proxy Technology
Web AD Theme:To start up AD server in WIDE project and to investigate the possibilities in further use.
WT (WIDE Telecommunications) Theme:Realizing convergence between the Internet and other telecommunications media
ART Theme: -
DNC (Dynamic Network Configuration) Theme:Realization of a dynamic network configuration mechanism
EDU Theme: -
Firewall Theme:Build Secure and Easy-to-use Firewall technology.
Internet Freedom Theme:Investigation into social and legal issues relating to the Internet
Info Theme:Dissemination of information about the WIDE Project to the world in general, and promotion of exchange of information within the WIDE Project
Inter Auth Theme: -
Inter ISP Theme:Exploring the technological issues to be addressed regarding interconnection between multiple Internet service providers (ISPs) at multiple locations
Mobile Security Theme:Development of security and firewall technology usable in a mobile environment
Newcomer Theme:Upgrading the skills of newcomers to the WIDE Project
NIA (Network Information Architecture) Theme:Design of effective information architecture for the Internet
NOW (Network Operation for WIDE Internet) Theme:Research on network operation on the Internet
Studio Theme:Research on creation and dissemination of information
WHIPS Theme:Implementation and evaluation of IPsec's IP security
WIND Theme:Development of an efficient support system for information retrieval.
YAICS (Yet Another Internet Communication Style) Theme:Building an environment enabling information exchange with the Internet without constraints on time or location
lifelong network Theme:Building an environment allowing networks to be used by people at all life stages
WWW Architecture Theme: -
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