Six research groups working closely together achieving multiple results

WIDE Project research activities are driven by working groups divided into six main areas. 12 area directors are currently spearheading the research of each respective group and discovering new research themes through the coordination with a variety of other fields. The details of research activities are carefully examined at board meetings held every month by the 21 board members. Although researchers are deployed in various areas around Japan, they come together once every three months to participate in a workshop (held in various locations throughout Japan such as Tokyo, Nara etc.) to discuss research results and relevant issues. In addition to these workshops, researchers also participate in an intensive 4-day camp, “The WIDE Camp” held twice a year. Joint Research Presentations are also held twice a year to provide an opportunity to report to WIDE Project sponsors the results of its various research activities. Research results are also compiled into a
research report for distribution at the end of March every year.

Internet Area Transport Area Security Area Operation/Management Area Application Area General and Deployment Area

Area Directors

Area Directors (AD) are elected personnel to propel and support research activities within the WIDE Project.

Their duties include supports in designing programs for meetings and camps, consultation and coordination towards achievements of the working groups' goals, and management of the procedures and documentations such as WIDE technical reports.

Year 2009 Area Directors

  • Hideaki Imaizumi
  • Keisuke Uehara
  • Yuusuke Kawakita
  • Kenji Saito
  • Yasuo Tsuchimoto
  • Masafumi Oe
  • Yasuhiro Obara
  • Shoichi Sakane
  • Keiichi Shima
  • Yoshifumi Nishida
  • Rodney Van Meter
  • Ruri Hiromi
  • NSPIXPリンク
  • SOIリンク
  • AIIIリンク
WIDE Award