Application Area Working Groups :To discuss deployment, testing and adaptation using internet application.

cue Involves work on the development and improvement of mail leaders that operate on Unix with a focus on speed and data volume.
iCAR(InternetCAR) This group is involved in the discussion and development of technologies required to provide a link between motor vehicles and the Internet and various applications under such environments.
Mew Involved in the development of mail readers that support extensive platforms operating on Emacs/Xemacs.
(Realspace Networking)
Real space networking is a form of network that provides a virtual link between all matter including home appliances, daily commodities, pets, and humans.
This group discusses issues related to the construction of such realspace networks.
MagicPoint Involved in the development of text-based presentation tools that have high readability and outstanding descriptive capabilities.
10G Discusses the usage and applications of a 10Gbps bandwidth and conducts research into the changes that occur when an Internet connection goes broadband.
(Networking and Visualization)
Looks into network visualization and other representation techniques.
Calendar Share
To share technical and operational information for the calendars over the Internet.
WiL Research and Development of Wireless Location Platform.
Live E! This working group discusses technical problems of "Live E!", which is a information infrastructure leveraging weather sensors.
csaw In this working group, we discuss an architecture and a system that support collaborations and activities of various communities. Additionally, we operate the community system for WIDE.
piranha Create open platform network stress tool.
WIDE cloud Research and development on methods of VM resource management for research activities ans services.
Handmade Working on network technology research and development utilizing hardware acceleration.
OpenAAS Discusses on making Academic Affair System open.
sdm The WG investigates the approach to media as a service by virtualization and abstraction of networked media infrastructure.
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