NSPIXP-6 Configuration

WIDE Project

While NSPIXP6 was originated with a single FastEthernet switch, we made some extentions to accomodate remote ISPs who are interested in IPv6. In late August 1999, a few ATM-Ethernet bridges are introduced to make access over ATM network possible to connect other Teleco building 1000 feet away and to connect Toyama (200 miles away) via JGN ATM testbed. In mid 2000, WIDE offers VLAN extention to Osaka, which is about 300 miles away from Tokyo.

In order to promote IPv6 related activities, layer-2 extention of NSPIXP-6 was delivered to the venue of INET'2000 held in July 2000 in Yokohama, and to the venune of Internet Week 2000/IPv6 Summit Osaka in December 2000.

NSPIXP-6 configuration as of May 2001