NSPIXP-6, IPv6-based Internet Exchange in Tokyo

WIDE Project


As mentioned at before ixp meeting, NSPIXP6 project was concluded on June 6th, 2008.

NSPIXP6 project was started on August 11th, 1999. It was the first IPv6 dedicated Internet Exchange and approximately 60 ISPs and organizations were involved before now. It was started in KDDI Otemachi Building (Downtown Tokyo) with a FastEthernet switch. Then, expanded to NTT Communications Otemachi Building, in toyama, and in NTT West Dojima 3rd Building. It had been contributed to IPv6 deployment in the world.

Some of IPv6 commercial services are launched and IPv6 deployment is already started, so we have decided to conclude NSPIXP6 project. The experiment of IPv6 at the Internet Exchange is continued in DIX-IE (NSPIXP) Project. DIX-IE is an research project of production quality IX, so IPv6 is operated with production quality and it will be take forward into the next stage.

We, WIDE Project, appreciate your participation and contribution of NSPIXP6.