Press Release

March 19, 2010

Jun Murai is promoted to Founder of WIDE Project.

WIDE Project

The WIDE Project, founded over twenty years ago, has been evaluating the coming decade and beyond, and its role in the future of the Internet.
As WIDE's activities continue to grow, both deepening in current areas and spreading to new fields, WIDE believes that creating the future we envision forbids us from standing still.

At present, WIDE Project founder Jun Murai's role touches every phase of its operation.
To give Jun Murai the ability to focus on continuing to extend WIDE's success and ensure a long-lasting, productive future, WIDE recognizes that it has become important that other members share ever more deeply in the responsibilities for the group.
In that light, it has been decided that Hiroshi Esaki will assume the role of Director of the WIDE Project.
As Founder, Jun Murai will continue to hold responsibility for WIDE's future.

It is the conviction of the WIDE Project that the changing of Jun Murai's position from Director to Founder allows him, and therefore WIDE, to give full attention to achieving the future Internet-based society.

With the support of the community, we expect this change of director to be a forward-looking step in the continuing growth of WIDE.

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