Press Release

Mourning: Dr. Jun-ichiro (itojun) Hagino

Dear friends,

Junichi Hagino, known as Itojun was remembered for his determination and vision during a memorial and funeral service on November 6 and 7, 2007 at Rinkai Saijo (Tokyo, Japan).

Close to three hundred people including friends, colleagues, researchers from overseas, university faculty, corporate collaborators, and students attended the service. We received over two hundred email messages expressing sympathies, condolences, and remembrances at the loss of this valued member of our community and these were presented to Itojun and his family at the service. We are planning a gathering to commemorate Itojun at the upcoming IETF in Vancouver and at the WIDE meeting in December.

Looking out to the hundreds of attendees, those who spoke at these services stepped up one after the other to the lectern and shared their fond memories of Itojun. They spoke of Itojun’s dedication to family, of his generosity with friends, of how he handled the intensity of being a leading researcher on the cutting edge of his field, and of his gifts as a teacher to those in his field. Itojun was known in the field of network computing as the “IPv6 Samurai” as he was dedicated to the deployment of IPv6 standards. Even before others thought to do so, Itojun nurtured this innovative research and helped develop a solid vision for the future of this field of inquiry.

There were many tears over Itojun’s passing away when he was at the prime of his life. But as we bid him farewell, Itojun’s family, friends, and close colleagues comforted one another and renewed their commitment to take on the mantle, fulfilling his dreams, and making sure that his vision lives on.

Jun Murai
on behalf of WIDE Project

Nov. 7, 2007

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