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WIDE and OSTN Unite to Exchange IPTV Content over the Internet

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OSTN Student-Produced, Educational, Foreign Language, News & Entertainment IPTV Programming Available as the Art of Student TV over WIDE Network

Kanagawa, Japan . August 21, 2007 - The Widely Integrated Distributed Environment (WIDE) Project today announced an IPTV partnership with the Open Student Television Network (OSTN). WIDE and OSTN will exchange educational, foreign language, news, and entertainment IPTV content over WIDE’s backbone data network for research and education to its Japanese universities, including Keio University and the University of Tokyo, reaching more than 800 WIDE members.

The union will serve as an opportunity for the two organizations to collaborate on conducting IPTV research and development in the areas of Multicast, DVTS, HD, and IPv6. The partnership will reinforce WIDE’s aim of global connectivity through technologies of the next generation Internet while offering its network users the opportunity to contribute to programming on OSTN.

"The WIDE-OSTN partnership will promote international digital contents dissemination in Japan and the USA," according to Dr. Hitoshi Asaeda of Keio University. "It is highly meaningful for IP multicast deployment in the international networks; in this partnership, IP multicast communication infrastructure will be improved and its operational experiences will be increased."

The WIDE project, represented by Professor Jun Murai, Vice President and Professor of Faculty of Environmental Information at Keio University, has been making efforts to produce the next generation of communications and broadcasting based on the IPv4 and IPv6 multicast technology. WIDE contributes to various Internet development and research, developing reference codes for IPv6 on BSD and Linux with, respectively, the KAME and USAGI projects.

OSTN IPTV content delivered over WIDE's high speed network will include the OSTN student channel, educational channels such as NASA TV, C-SPAN, University of California Television (UCTV) and the Florida Educational Channel, news channels such as MSNBU and Fox News, entertainment channels such as Sci-Fi and USA Networks, and foreign language channels such as TV5 (French) and RAI (Italian).

"We are pleased to partner with WIDE to deliver IPTV to Japan's colleges and universities," said Prashant Chopra, Chief Executive Officer of OSTN. "We also look forward to collaborating with the WIDE Project on the further development of innovations in IPTV technology."

For more information on receiving OSTN, contact Anthony Davis, Vice President of Membership Development, at anthony_davis@ostn.tv or 216-973-7564.

OSTN : Open Student Television Network
OSTN is the leading provider of educational, foreign language, news, and entertainment IPTV content and services. OSTN features the only 24/7 worldwide channel exclusively devoted to student-produced programming. OSTN now is delivered to nearly 60 million subscribers at more than 4,500 university member campuses in 46 countries around the globe. OSTN can be viewed on televisions and personal computers.
In North America, OSTN uses Internet2 and National LambdaRail's advanced network to distribute programming to members. It uses JANET in the United Kingdom, ORION in Ontario, Canada, the GEANT2 Network, managed by DANTE, in the European Union. GEANT2 links to Asia via TEIN2, the Middle East & Africa via EuroMed, Latin and South America via ALICE, Mexico via CUDI and Australia via AARNet. For more information, visit http://www.ostn.tv/ .
WIDE project
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WIDE (Widely Integrated Distributed Environment), established in 1988, is a joint industry, government and academia research consortium that promotes the research and development of Internet technologies. Represented by Vice President of Keio University and Prof. of the Faculty of Environmental Information, Jun Murai, over 100 corporations and 40 universities are currently involved in the WIDE Project, partaking in a wide array of research and development activities concerning technologies of the next generation Internet.
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