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September 20, 2006

SOI Asia Project successfully conducted Global-e-Workshop 2006

WIDE Project

SOI Asia Project(*1) a sub-project run by the WIDE Project (*2) has successfully conducted its Global E-Workshop 2006 from August 22 to 26 with 42 participants from 19 organizations in 10 countries. The Global E-Workshop is a hands-on intensive workshop for the operators of SOI Asia project conducted using the SOI Asia distance learning environment and remotely placed virtual machines. This Global E-Workshop is the first hands-on workshop to be conducted on the SOI Asia distance learning environment after four years of conducting annual operator workshops in face-to-face. This workshop is proved to be time-and-cost effective and more scalable, due to highly reduced travel and logistics, compared to the previous operator workshops, which all participants and instructors were gathered at the same place, while still maintaining the interactivity of a face-to-face workshop.

In this workshop, operators were participating from their sites located across Asia and the instructors were giving lectures from Keio University SFC. This workshop included hands-on practices conducted remotely, where each participant was assigned a virtual machine placed in Keio University SFC and the participants accessed their machines as if the machines were real ones. Conducting lectures remotely, SOI Asia Project reduced the number of travels in Global E-Workshop compared to the previous SOI Asia Operators Workshop held at Brawijaya University, Indonesia, in 2005, from 37 persons down to 6 persons. Using virtualization technology in this workshop reduces as much as 85% of preparation time compared to the previous workshop. Furthermore, virtualization technology allowed teaching assistants of this workshop to easily monitor the progress of all participants during hands-on sessions and respond to the problems faced by participants.

Feedbacks collected from participants, teaching assistants, and instructors showed that they viewed the Global E-Workshop 2006 positively. With these results, SOI Asia Project will continue to organize Global E-Workshops in the future.

42 participants from 19 organizations in 10 countries are joining the program as follows;

  • 2 from Advanced Science and Technology Institute / Philippines
  • 3 from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology / Bangladesh
  • 1 from Chulalongkorn University / Thailand
  • 1 from Institute of Information Technology / Viet Nam
  • 1 from Vietnam National University / Viet Nam
  • 1 from Hanoi University of Technology / Viet Nam
  • 3 from Institute of Technology, Bandung / Indonesia
  • 2 from Institute of Technology, Cambodia / Cambodia
  • 2 from University of Health and Science of Cambodia / Cambodia
  • 2 from Tribhuvan University / Nepal
  • 3 from University of Computer Science, Yangon / Myanmar
  • 3 from Hasanuddin University / Indonesia
  • 3 from Brawijaya University / Indonesia
  • 3 from Sam Ratulangi University / Indonesia
  • 3 from Syiah Kuala University / Indonesia
  • 3 from University of San Carlos / Philippines
  • 3 from University Sains Malaysia / Malaysia
  • 2 from Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology / Malaysia
  • 1 from Keio University, Shonan Fujisawa Campus / Japan

SOI Asis Workshop

(*1) SOI Asia : http://www.soi.wide.ad.jp/soi-asia/
SOI Asia (School on the Internet Asia Project) is supported by relevant bodies of the Japanese Government and is run primarily by the WIDE Project AI3 Project (Asian Internet Interconnection Initiatives), Keio University and the Asia-SEED Institute.
Head Researcher: Keiko Okawa, Associate Prof. Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University.

(*2) WIDE Project : http://www.wide.ad.jp/
WIDE, (Widely Integrated Distributed Environment) established in 1988 is a joint industry, government and academia research consortium that promotes the research and development of Internet technologies. Represented by Vice President of Keio University and Prof. of the Faculty of Environmental Information, Jun Murai, over 100 corporations and 40 universities are currently involved in the WIDE Project, partaking in a wide array of research and development activities concerning technologies of the next generation Internet.

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