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Demonstration of Next Generation Internet Technologies to be Conducted at the Closing EXPO 2005 International Forum
-The Provision of a Cross Talk Environment Linking Japan, Amsterdam and Beijing and the Testing of Environments for Musical Collaborations Using Internet Metronome Overcoming Time Delays in Transmission-

September 16, 2005
WIDE Project
Representative: Jun Murai

The WIDE Project (Representative: Prof Jun Murai) will be conducting a demonstrative experiment for collaboration technologies of the next generation Internet this coming Wednesday, September 21, at the closing EXPO 2005 International Forum, just one of the closing events scheduled for EXPO 2005 Aichi.

The demonstration scheduled for the closing forum for EXPO 2005 Aichi will be as follows;

1. The demonstration will involve an interactive connection between the event site at EXPO 2005 and Amsterdam, incorporating i-Visto, uncompressed HDTV transmission technologies developed by the NTT Research Laboratory. The demonstration will use this platform as a test bed for musical collaboration using Internet Metronome to overcome time delays in transmission. The jazz session is scheduled to include the likes of jazz pianist, Riko Ogawa.

2. The demonstration will also feature a live video cross talk panel session with students participating from all over the world via a link made possible with IPv6, high-quality interactive technologies linking the event site at EXPO 2005, Amsterdam and Beijing.

3. All of the demonstrations will be widely broadcast over Asia.

The demonstration will be made possible through the cooperation of the Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition, Global Access Ltd., Asia Netcom Japan, NTT Communication and the NTT Group, Powerplay Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., the Japan Science and Technology Agency, Marubeni (Beijing), China Netcom Corporation, Pacific Northwest Gigapop, CANARIE, MAN LAN, SURFnet, SARA, Keio Engineering Foundation GigaHouse Town Project, Keio University and in affiliation with the IPv6 Information Appliance Research and Development Project of the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology.

This demonstration will provide an invaluable opportunity for people to come into contact with the state-of-the-art technologies of the next generation Internet. Together with all of the organizations participating in the event, from both inside Japan and internationally, we hope to use this experience for the further development of technologies and for the creation of a richer and fuller society.


EXPO 2005 Aichi, Japan Message Event, Closing Forum, "Towards the Creation of Sustainable Society".

Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition. September 9, 2005

The forum, one of the closing events of EXPO 2005, is scheduled to take place at the EXPO Dome on September 21 (Wednesday). The forum will focus on the younger generations of tomorrow and aims to provide them with the opportunity to send out a message to the world on the fundamental issues faced in the creation of a sustainable society and what they will commit themselves to in order to achieve this goal. A total of nine students, including exchange students from the United States, Australia, China, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, Switzerland and students from Japan will take center stage in the event. Students from China (Beijing), the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and university students from throughout Aichi will also participate as students from around the world discuss their visions of the future as the EXPO Dome is linked via a live Internet broadcast to Beijing and Amsterdam. The event will also feature a live solo performance from special guest, Kaoru Kurosawa (Gospellers) and a jazz session broadcast through a live connection with Amsterdam.

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