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August 5, 2003
WIDE Project
Japan Registry Service Co., Ltd. (JPRS)


WIDE Project and JPRS Implement a Strategy to Ensure that JP Domain Servers Stay Up in the Event of Disaster or Emergency

-- First step toward geographical distribution of JP DNS, and unification of server names --

Full-scale distributed operation of JP domain name servers has begun in Tokyo and Osaka. The parties responsible for this development are the WIDE Project (hereafter referred to as WIDE; Chairman: Professor Jun Murai, Keio University), which is seeking to build a large-scale wide-area computing environment, and Japan Registry Service Co., Ltd. (JPRS; Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Koki Higashida), the company responsible for management and administration of .JP top-level domain and overall management and operation of the JP domain name system (JP DNS). WIDE and JRPS have also begun renaming these servers, using unified names (A�`F.dns.jp) directly controlled by JPRS. These moves increase the availability of JP DNS servers in times of disaster or emergency.

This represents the first step in a new initiative aimed at ensuring operational stability for the JP DNS, implemented by the operators-and-controllers of 6 JP DNS servers, spearheaded by JPRS. The initiative was prompted by the need for a better crisis management strategy covering disaster scenarios, in view of the fact that the JP DNS servers had previously been concentrated in Tokyo. As part of the new strategy, the DNS server operated by WIDE since the early days of the Internet in Japan was relocated in Osaka in March last year, thus making the distribution of JP DNS servers more geographically diverse. The network accommodated on this server was also given a new element of distribution, resulting in a dramatic improvement to the probable operational stability of the JP DNS in the event of a disaster in Tokyo.

JPRS is also spearheading a plan to increase the efficiency of its DNS processing, and to make its DNS management more transparent, by unifying server names with the DNS.JP domain name. As the first step in implementing this plan, the name of the server operated by WIDE in Osaka has been changed to E.DNS.JP. IPv4 address of this server and the associated AS number was also changed at the same time, and the system was set in place allowing this server to be operated independently of the WIDE platform. While the server has been accessible through IPv6, its IPv6 address is remain unchanged.

JPRS, the body responsible for overall management of the JP DNS, received approval for the change from the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), and on July 10, the change became effective throughout the Internet, representing the first step towards assuring operational stability for the JP DNS. Work relating to reverse lookup of IP addresses was completed by the Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC) and JPRS by July 25, so the first round of the changeover has already been achieved.

To make the network independent, thus assuring improved availability, the E.DNS.JP server is connected not only to NSPIXP-3, but also to JPNAP Osaka, by Internet Multifeed Co., while connectivity to ISPs within and outside Japan is provided by WIDE, Internet Initiative Japan, Inc. (IIJ), KDDI, BIGLOBE, and POWEREDCOM. There is no need to change the settings of various servers on the Internet in accordance with this measure.

This reconfiguration also provide future possibility to install other sets of the servers using the same IP address and the same AS numbers in order to implement additional stability and processing capability. This technique is defined in RFC3258, sometimes referred to as BGP Anycast.

WIDE and JPRS will continue to work together with the other JP DNS server operators towards assuring even greater operational stability for the JP DNS, to meet the needs of the Internet community and society in general.

Terminology explained, and reference URLs Internet Assigned Numbers Authority The IANA is the authority originally responsible for the oversight of IP address allocation, the coordination of the assignment of protocol parameters provided for in Internet technical standards, and the management of the DNS, including the delegation of top-level domains and oversight of the root name server system. Under ICANN, the IANA continues to distribute addresses to the Regional Internet Registries, coordinate with the IETF and others to assign protocol parameters, and oversee the operation of the DNS.

Reference URLs

For more information on the E.DNS.JP server, see http://e-dns-jp.wide.ad.jp/

Technical information (in Japanese) regarding JPRS's DNS can be found at http://jprs.jp/tech/

Further details (in Japanese) on the initiative to improve the operational stability of the JP DNS servers can be found at
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