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WIDE and Fujitsu to Support Asia's First International Internet Engineering Conference

Contribute to the Evolution of the Internet As Joint Host-Sponsor of the IETF Meeting

Tokyo, June 13, 2002 -- WIDE Project*1 and Fujitsu Limited today announced that they will support the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Secretariat in staging the 54th IETF Meeting to be held July 14-19 in Yokohama, Japan, making it the first country in Asia to host the event. The IETF Meeting is a forum for the world's Internet engineers to gather and discuss issues related to the standardization of the Internet architecture. Specifically, WIDE and Fujitsu, in their roles as event host and sponsor respectively, will provide a state-of-the-art Internet access environment and Terminal Room in addition to holding a social function aimed at promoting the exchange of information and ideas of approximately 2,000 technical experts representing industry, academia and government, from 30 countries across the globe.

IETF is an open, international group whose mission is to advance the development and specification of Internet protocols, such as TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) and IPv6*2. Specifications standardized by IETF, known as RFC*3, are made open to the public and can be accessed by any individual interested in participating in the standardization process, by simply subscribing to an electronic mailing list. At these international meetings, held three times a year, the latest technological trends related to state-of-the-art Internet technologies are actively discussed.

The role of the Internet has increasingly grown in importance in realizing an ever more convenient and comfortable information society. Technological advances and the introduction of new technologies are indispensable in developing the Internet as an advanced and reliable social infrastructure.

WIDE and Fujitsu offer their wholehearted support to the IETF, firmly believing that the Meeting results will lead to the further development of next-generation Internet technologies and, consequently, contribute to the betterment of society as a whole.

Roles of Host and Sponsor

The IETF offers an open forum for participants to engage in Internet-based talks with technical experts from around the world, at or away from the actual meeting site. WIDE and Fujitsu are responsible for creating a pleasant work environment in which attendees can focus on these technical discussions.

  • Design, Construction and Operation of Network Infrastructure

WIDE and Fujitsu will design, construct and operate the on-site network infrastructure offering both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity, and wireless access from anywhere on the Meeting premise.

  • Terminal Room Set Up

WIDE and Fujitsu will install a Terminal Room, offering PC usage and 24-hour Internet access.

  • Social Event Host

WIDE and Fujitsu will hold a social function where attendees from around the world can engage in face-to-face dialogue. The Social Event will take place at the Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall, on the evening of Tuesday, July 16.

Fujitsu will also equip the Terminal Room with routers, switches, servers, wireless LAN base stations, large screen plasma displays, LCD projectors, network management tools and PCs.

The 54th IETF Yokohama Meeting is supported by the following partners:

And the City of Yokohama as the host city (http://www.city.yokohama.jp/)

About the IETF Yokohama Meeting

IETF Meetings are held three times annually. Typically, two meetings take place in the United States and one outside the US. The 54th Meeting, the first to be held in Asia, will run three to four sessions of working groups per day, in eight parallel meeting rooms.

URL: http://www.ietf.org/ (on-line registration available until 1:00 am, Tuesday, July 2)
Date: July 14 (Sun.) - July 19 (Fri.)
Venue: PACIFICO YOKOHAMA Conference Center(1-1-1, Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0012, Japan)
Number of Attendees: About 2,000 participants from 30 countries

Agenda (tentative):
Sunday, July 14: Newcomer's Orientation / Welcome Reception
Monday, July 15: First day of sessions (running thru the 19th)
Tuesday, July 16: Social Event (function hosted by WIDE / Fujitsu)
Wednesday, July 17: IESG Open Plenary
Thursday, July 18: IAB Open Plenary
Friday, July 19: Final day of sessions
* A detailed schedule will be posted on the IETF website prior to the Meeting.

Other relevant information:
An IETF Yokohama Meeting Session will take place within NetWorld+Interop 2002 Tokyo.
Date/Time: Wednesday, July 3, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Venue: Makuhari Messe (Chiba, Japan) International Conference Hall, 2F, Room 201
- Dr. Jun Murai, Professor of Environmental Information, Keio University
- Dr. Osamu Nakamura, Associate Professor of Environmental Information, Keio University
- Dr. Hiroshi Esaki, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo
Admission fee: None
Target audience: Meeting participants and media


*1. WIDE: Widely Integrated Distributed Environments
This research project aims to establish new computer environments based on operating system and communication technology. Founded in 1988 by Professor Jun Murai of Keio University, the project has played a key role in Internet technology development in Japan.
*2. IPv6: Internet Protocol Version 6
A new telecommunications protocol that IETF is working to standardize. Special features include dramatic rise in address space based on 128-bit support (existing IPv4 standard is 32-bit), simplification of packet headers and increased security.
*3. RFC: Request for Comments
IETF's official Internet-related specification documents. RFCs are made public and readily available via the Internet.

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