IETF IPng Working Group Interim Meeting, 1999 Tokyo

NOTE: the meeting was already finished. The webpage is kept here for archiving purposes.

Meeting information

  • Date: September 29, 1999 - October 1, 1999
  • Location: Sasakawa Hall (web map)(pdf map)
    3-12-12, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073 JAPAN
  • FYI: TAHI project IPv6 test event will be held at the same building, from Sep 26 (separate event, need separate registration).


  • Registration is required for all participants. There will be no on-site registration provided.
  • Registration/Hotel reservation is processed by JCOM.


Sep 26-28
(TAHI project IPv6 test event)
Sep 28 15:00-17:00 Toolnet6 installation workshop
Sep 29 08:00-09:30 meeting room setup (local volunteers)

09:30-12:00 ipngwg meeting

12:00-13:00 lunch (included in conference fee)

13:00-15:00 ipngwg meeting

15:00-15:15 coffee break

15:15-17:00 ipngwg meeting

18:30-20:30 reception (optional, registration required)
Sep 30 09:00-12:00 ipngwg meeting

12:00-13:00 lunch (included in conference fee)

13:00-15:00 ipngwg meeting

15:00-15:15 coffee break

15:15-17:00 ipngwg meeting
Oct 01 09:00-12:00 ipngwg meeting

12:00-13:30 lunch (optional, find a restaurant by yourself)

13:30-15:30 Japan activities session (optional)

15:30-17:00 tear down (local volunteers)


Meeting minutes are available here.

Final agenda for Japan activities session

Terminal cluster

  • IPv6-only network is provided in the meeting room. There will be no IPv4 reachability to outside. Be sure to bring IPv6-ready notebook PC!
  • IPv4/v6-accessible DNS server will be provided.
  • The following physical media will be available. Wireless may have some compatibility issues and other troubles, so be sure to bring 10Base-T interface and cables as last resort.
    • Ethernet 10Base-T
    • Xircom/NetWave AirSurfer (old one, NOT plus)
    • BayStack 650 (IEEE FH)
  • Three or more prefixes will be announced (this is IPv6 multihoming meeting!)
  • IPv6->IPv4 translators will be installed with hacked DNS servers.
  • External connectivitiy - 384K for IPv6(thanks to NTT), 128K for IPv4 (via translator)
  • If you need to hook yourself up to the network, be sure to bring the following items:
    • Power cable that fits to "Japanese" wall outlet
    • 10Base-T cable
    • hub, if possible
  • Some people may gather traffic statistics by tapping the network. While they are not interested in your payload, you may want to install IPsec or secure shell to secure your communication.
  • Summary and stat reports

Meeting facilities

  • Leaser pointer
  • VGA projector (800x600)
  • Overhead porjector, transparent sheets, and pen
  • Microphones
  • NO printer is available


RealVideo 5.0/G2 BroadCasting Service over IPv4. Powered by iSiD,Digital Campus and IIJ-MC.

Notice to attendees

All notifications about the meeting will be made to IETF ipngwg mailing list. You may need to subscribe the mailing list.


  • To reserve hotel rooms, see the registration item up above.
    • Primary: Mita Miyako hotel
      • 2 minutes walk to the venue.
      • 5 minutes walk from Sengakuji station.
      • 10 minutes walk from Tamachi/Mita station.
      • Take a taxi from the Shinagawa station.
      • 100 single rooms have been pre-allocated already.

Information on Trasportation from the Airport

Travel tips

  • List of common sentences (print it before you fly!)
  • There is no tipping habit in Japan. Some restaurants add service charge to the bill (5% or 10%), though.
  • VAT of 5% will be added to every purchase you make. In some of computer/electronic stores you can enjoy duty-free shopping (pls ask store clerk for details).
  • Most Japanese do not speak English well. Be sure to speak slowly and clearly enough when you talk with store clerks, for example. Hotel employees speak English in most cases.
  • Roughly speaking, 1USD = 110JPY.
  • Don't even think about rent-a-car in Tokyo area, it is TOO crowded and lanes are TOO narrow. Highways are toll roads and the price is expensive. Public transportations are just enough and convenient (but very very crowded depending on hours. :p).
  • Also most taxi drivers do NOT speak English. You should prepare print image of the venue name in Japanese letters.
  • If you wish to find some gadgets or cool notebook PCs, visit Akihabara area or Shinjuku area. You can reach there by 20 to 30 minutes of train ride, take JR Yamanote line (green train). Note that most Akihabara PC shops offering competivie prices do not accept credit card. Also note that most of the note PC available in Akiharaba is equipped with Japanese keyboard, with which you will not be happy. Ask KAME staffs for detail.
  • Phone connectors are RJ11 (same as those used in US).
  • AC power source (wall outlet) emits 100V/50Hz AC. Connectors are very similar to that in US, but without ground pin. If your country uses 110V AC, no transformer is required (Japanese eletricity is very high quality and it usually emits exactly 100V AC - no voltage drop during travel). You only need to bring shape-changers, or cables without ground pin.
  • GSM cellphone is not usable in Japan. Japanese cellphone network is not compatible at all with GSM.
  • Small shops (like Burger King or McDonald's), taxicabs and train stations do not accept credit cards. It is advised to carry some JPY cash.
  • Weather forecast


  • Lunch will be provided to participants, on Sep 29 and Sep 30.
  • Reception will be held on Sep 29. This is optional and registration is required to participate.
  • Other meals are on your own.


  • There are many restaurants near Shinagawa station, especially in "Shinagawa wing" mall.
  • If you can drink, you should give a try to "sake", Japanese wine of rice.
  • Not all restaurants have non-smoking area.
  • Strict vegitarian restaurants are somewhat hard-to-find. If you are okay with fish, I think you are saved.

Novelty Goods

All participants will be given the following:


  • NSPIXPリンク
  • SOIリンク
  • AIIIリンク
WIDE Award