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Hiroshi Esaki, Ph.D.


2013 was a year marked by various developments, including the decision to stage the 2015 IETF meeting in Yokohama, the successful bid to stage the 2020 Olympic Games and Para Olympics in Tokyo and the determination of a new IT strategy. Great expectations have been placed upon WIDE Project in working towards 2015 and 2020 based on the results of our various research and development activities and we must be grateful for the opportunities we have been granted.
Ever since our foundation, the WIDE Project has operated based on the policy of “Research on our left hand, operation on our right hand” and has strived to become the warming sun instead of the cold north wind. We believe that this approach, together with the evidence of our results has gained the empathy and approval of the majority. However, we feel it is our role to be continuously pushing the boundaries of the new and exciting.

WIDE Project has been promoting research and development activities focused on transforming the Internet of the 20th Century, “IP for Everyone”, and symbolized as an Internet platform to bring people together, which was the focus of research and development into the next generation Internet protocol, IPv6 (IP version 6) started towards the end of the 1990s, into an Internet for the 21st Century, “Internet for Everything”, designed to connect all things and create a more affluent society. This research and develop includes a range of projects, such as the InternetCAR project, the RF-ID/Auto-ID project for object recognition and the Live E! and the Green University of Tokyo projects designed to link various sensors and actuators. Over time, these activities have changed shape with the content being further refined and enhanced under the guide of a range of research institutions and corporations. On the other hand, we believe our contribution and responsibility as the WIDE Project is to realize structural reform from the perspective of how we perceive the Internet within industries that underpin our social infrastructure while adopting and introducing new Internet technologies. We recognize that this is at the core of new IT strategies for 2013.

The theme at this year’s WIDE camp, held primarily for board members each summer, was data center networks. The camp focused on discussions concerning the specific infrastructure required to complete the theme of our 2012 camp, big data. By opening a forum for the discussion of the kind of structural and technical elements required on a global scale by data center networks and the cloud computing services that run off these networks between people who work on the front line in the area of data center and cloud service management, we were able to identify a variety of specific and practical areas for future research and development. For over 20 years WIDE Project has been involved in research into and the operation of global IP infrastructure, and based on this experience and the invaluable insight gained through these discussions, we believe we have identified a range of issues with current cloud data center networks.

It is evident from the friction and discord occurring over the Internet and society as a whole between organizations and individuals working in the domestic and global arena in recent years that is necessary to once again, reaffirm the importance of maintaining our resolve in terms of securing government funding and retaining our relationships with the relevant government bodies and continuing the stance of WIDE Project in integrating academia and industry into a unique consortium to help researchers with free and unrestrained innovation overcome the traditional boundaries of organizations and utilize new technologies to create a better society and achieve their own self-realization. In other words, our interaction with global organizations and social and government projects is rapidly increasing both in terms of quantity and quality, and we feel that it is urgent that we establish the framework capable of addressing this change. It is our mission at WIDE Project to reaffirm the importance of developing and establishing a research and education environment geared towards strategic, effective and cutting-edge OJT and accelerate our efforts in working towards the establishment of specific activities and the necessary framework in order to make it happen.

WIDE project is operated as a consortium of academic and industrial partners. By offering an environment geared towards practical and applied research, which differs to the objective-based research common to business organizations and fundamental research found in academic circles, which looks for creativity and originality, WIDE project has been able to achieve results, which go beyond conventional research institutions. This is a research model unique to WIDE and as a defining element, it is essential that we further develop and maintain this approach to our research.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude to all those individuals and organizations that have supported the activities of WIDE project and to ask for your continued participation, cooperation, instruction and encouragement. With your help and cooperation, I am excited at the prospect of having this opportunity to work together with you all to discover new fields and strive towards the realization of safer, more secure social infrastructure.

March 2014
Hiroshi Esaki

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